The idea of developing the inStudio system was born in the middle of 2005 when SAD sp. z o.o. (Apple IMC Poland), with whom we have been cooperating for many years now, informed us of a need to create a system for archiving video files for their client, the 24/7 news television TVN24. TVN24 required tools to sort and easily search archives of tapes and files containing video news. The key elements of the new system were to be the modules used to archive the material and search the archives efficiently according to numerous criteria.

The first stage of the project covered the preparation and provision of TVN24 with the archiving module prototype. Then, parallel development of modules for archiving, archive searching and administration began. At the beginning of December 2005 the system had been up and ready at the Warsaw headquarters of TVN24.

At the beginning of 2006, when a developing TV station Superstacja had been building their whole technical infrastructure, they chose inStudio as the best solution for video materials archiving. Soon afterwards inStudio effectively started to support Superstacja in their multimedia asset management process.

A few months later the TVN holding company, satisfied by inStudio in TVN24, decided on another installation of the system, this time for the needs of its new sports station – nSport HD. This was the first inStudio deployment in a television broadcasting high definition materials.

Since its first commercial installation the inStudio system has been upgraded a number of times, which has extended its functionalities. At present one of the inStudio installations is being used in an archive containing about 200,000 materials of almost 100 terabytes.

Although initially inStudio contained several applications – desktop and web based, in 2011 a totally new version of the system has been introduced to the market. It adds many new functions and now it is fully web-based. This gives inStudio users a possibility of managing and accessing their video assets from any place all over the world.

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