inStudio Multimedia Asset Management Solution consists of several unique modules: Archive, Search, Administration and Reports that make your work easier and more efficient.

Material search, preview and export

The Search module is designed for journalists, reporters, editors and all who need a quick and efficient access to the full content of the video materials arcvhive. The Search module:

  • presents precise full text search results with the use of keywords or complex sets of criteria, insensitively from grammar forms and spelling mistakes (in selected languages) if needed,
  • enables quick preview of materials in low resolution directly within your web browser, with no need to download high quality materials,
  • allows to export data to third party software, such as Final Cut Pro,
  • lets you enjoy aclear and user-friendly interface,
  • ensures easy access to all resources via web browser.

inStudio search functionality diagram

Materials archivation

The Archive module od inStudio is meant for archivists responsible for archiving media resources and for their description and classification. The main features of this module contains:

  • archivation and description of video materials both from digital sources and analog tapes,
  • built-in multimedia player,
  • efficient edition of archived materials,
  • archivists can enter description and keywords while watching the material playing,
  • automatic creation of low resolution proxy copies of all archived materials,
  • common web-based work place of many archivists who can simultaneously archive and describe many materials,
  • automatic and manual keyframes generation,
  • many additional functions (e.g. duplication, updating, quick material preview, etc.).

inStudio archivation functionality diagram

Reporting and administration

The reporting and administration modules are made to enable the system control and supervision both in terms of business (number and quality of materials archived by selected users) and technical indicators (dictionaries, user authorization, backup copies, system configuration).

  • configuration of a wide set of system settings (eg. backups, user accounts),
  • system monitoring, list of jobs waiting to be performed, disk management, memory monitoring etc.,
  • detailed reports presenting rich information on materials and users activity.

See a collection of inStudio screenshots.

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