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inStudio Exchange is a professional tool for large files transfer over the Internet. The system has a client-server architecture with its server side deployed at a client’s site. End users need just a web browser to use the software.

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inStudio Exchange Features

  • Comfort and simplicity for end users. You don’t need any extra software to send big, multi-gigabyte files to a company. You get easy and safe access to the system using just your web browser.
  • Visible progress of each transfer in real time. Both sender and receiver have a preview of real time progress of each transfer.
  • Broken transfers resuming. Each file transfer that has been dropped (due to network failure, browser termination etc.) can be resumed without losing data formerly received by the server.
  • Checksum control. Consistency of each delivered part of files is ensured using a checksum control mechanism.
  • Materials descriptions support. Material suppliers can provide additional descriptions or other metadata for their content.
  • Safe, encrypted connections. Each connection between a user and a server is encrypted with SSL protocol protecting transferred files from unauthorized access.
  • Firewall interoperability. inStudio Exchange uses protocols compatible with typical internet applications, therefore it can be used with standard firewall settings.
  • Flexible storage and workflow integration. Files transferred with inStudio Exchange can be stored in any location on a server. The system can be integrated with any workflow in client’s organization.
  • Easy preview of multimedia content. Every transferred audio/video file generates a low-resolution proxy version. A material content can be watched just from the list of received files in a web browser.
  • Full insight of files and transfers history. Each transfer information is archived and presented in a history list than can be filtered and sorted.


inStudio Exchange uses Erlang/OTP. Erlang is a programming language and platform designed for concurrent, distributed real-time systems, such as in telecommunications.

The technology of inStudio Exchange ensures a continuous, uninterrupted work of the system maintaining high efficiency and fault tolerance.


To check the demo of inStudio Exchange contact us.

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